Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More questions answered.

We've received several questions, mostly in comments on the blog posts, and are eager to answer them. Instead of answering them comment by comment, we're combining them into one post.

Do you use a mirror?
Yes, we have a mirror mounted on the front handlebars that Brett uses all the time to check for traffic (and sometimes to see if Jenny is smiling). We were hoping to mount a second one before we left so Jenny could use one, too, but we haven't done that yet. Mounting one for the stoker's use would be a bit trickier, and that's the main reason we haven't yet.

What do we use to wash dishes?
We chose not to carry dish soap and dedicated cleaning supplies, but we use water and a bandana (or even just our hands) to wash our dishes soon after we finish our meal. Even at home, we notice that dishes are really easy to wash right after a meal. We find this method works fine on the road. Many campgrounds have a sink that is specifically for washing dishes.

How do you secure your bike when you go into stores or museums?
We have several methods for dealing with this issue. Sometimes one of us just stays with the bike. Sometimes we lock the bike with a combination lock, either to a nearby pole or fence, or even just lock the rear wheel to the frame so that it's not ridable. Sometimes, if we feel comfortable, we just leave the bike outside and go in. This last method may be naive, but we tend to only use it for short trips inside or where we can see the bike from inside (such as a cafe). We feel that it would be extremely hard for someone to just walk up and try to ride off with a fully loaded recumbent tandem! We always carry our ID, money, camera and phones with us.

Do we have an address that people can send cards or care packages to?
Yes! We aren't expecting to get there until the middle of July, but you may send mail or packages to
Brett & Jenny
c/o Lowell & Audrey
19527 County Highway 42
Parkers Prairie, MN 56361

We can't think of anything at this point other than cards and notes that we need/want, but if we do, we'll let you know. It's okay if things arrive early; they'll just set them aside for us.

Can you post maps on your blog of where you are?
Actually, although we didn't have this during our first week, we always planned to include a map of both our nightly stops and the routes we ride to get there. We have made just such a map and you can click here to see it.

Don't forget to vote in our poll on the right! You only have two weeks left to guess how many miles per day we will average over the course of the whole trip. We are a little disappointed with the number of miles per day so far, but considering our learning curve on newer equipment and the hilly terrain, we're actually satisfied. We think we boost the mileage a little bit over the course of the trip, but we'll see!


  1. You answered my questions! Thanks. I find it is the little practical details that make these adventures interesting. I read the blog on Ecovillage and this was so interesting that I killed better than an hour on their web site exploring it. What an interesting concept. All it takes is one look at the Gulf of Mexico and the disaster there to drive home the point that we need to become better stewards of our planet. After all, it is the only home we have and we have an obligation to turn it over in the best possible condition to our childre. I'm afraid we all are collectively guilty of not doing that very well. Bikes are the most efficient form of personal transportation. You should try to get your story in the media. I tell everyone around me about your saga. Pedal on!

  2. like rick, i'm telling lots of people about your journey too. some bicyclists were at the nursery today and i wrote down your blog address for them. did the same thing yesterday for another customer who seemed to share your passion for exploration.

    one question you didn't answer was how brett's knee is doing? i'm hoping that not mentioning it means it's feeling better.

  3. Hi Brett and Jenny! You didn't mention the other useful tool for cleaning dishes - your tongue! Dan and I use this tool quite often and find it very effective :) Hope you are enjoying your days off and get back on the bike refreshed and ready to go!

  4. How is it that you seem to be able to post faster than I can follow? I can barely keep up! I wish I could sing with you guys too! Love and hugs