Sunday, March 28, 2010

Maybe we'll even visit Canada.

We both sent away for our passports this past week. Jenny's expires in July, so she is renewing hers and Brett will be getting his for the first time! This is a good thing, applying for them now, because it takes more than a month to get them, and we want to have them before we go. Our current route plan takes us through part of Canada, roughly between Buffalo and Detroit. I guess that would make this trip a cross-continent trip as well as a cross-country trip!

In other news, we finished painting a difficult section of our house's exterior today. We work so well together on projects like this. Brett is good at and eager to do some parts, while Jenny is unafraid of other parts that Brett shies away from (like being on the ladder propped on top of the porch roof). It feels so good to accomplish a big part of something that we've been wanting to do for a year and a half. Hopefully we'll soon do the same on the front of the house that we just did on the back side. Also, this teamwork will come in very handy this Summer, as we will be operating a single vehicle together for a LOT of hours, and setting up and breaking down camp day after day, and working through "adventures."

Jenny climbs up the ladder

She's so brave!

Almost done!

Just about every day we tell each other how excited we are for this trip.

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  1. gosh ... as long as you have you passports you may as well visit the Sweetgrass Hills north of Havre Montana on the border of Montana, Alberta and Saskatchewan. For some reason, the glaciers parted around them and they boast pre glacial prairie soils and flora. Plus some amazingly beautiful country. If you want other canada suggestions, like Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park, or the Nakusp Hot Springs, let me know. plunkatune at mindspring dot com.