Sunday, May 2, 2010

That's more like it!

We finally got in another long ride! What started out as a quick trip to to town to go to the bank and do a few other little errands, ended with us taking "the long way" back home.

We ended up biking 21 wonderfully carefree miles, exploring roads we'd never been down, picking up free stuff and making a big loop North, West, South and East of our house before coming home for a late lunch. We saw another tandem out riding, too, and we passed them heading uphill on the bike path home.

We got a great coat hook/shelf from a pile of free tag sale leftovers! It is exactly what I've been looking for to replace the one that we had that broke. AND it fit in the pannier with no problem. I was so delighted. Free stuff is so great. We also stopped at Deals and Steals on our way through Northampton and filled up the other pannier with food. The only thing missing from the ride was a swim after.


  1. you can swim swim swim when you visit us in florida thursday!!! the lake is now warm enough to get into easily (well, almost easily). enjoyed reading your post. sounds like you had an ideal ride.

  2. Now thats how I like to see the Screamer, loaded up and ready to ride! I hope you enjoy the bike as much as we did. Len & Jan Oh, have you given the bike a name yet?

  3. Hi Len! We haven't decided on a name for the bike yet, but we've been thinking about it! We'll let you know when we pick one.